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Infertility is as common in India as it is globally, affecting 15-20% of a married couple. There are various causes of infertility affecting both husband and wife more or less in equal measure. Unfortunately, the problem of infertility causes physical, emotional, and social distress for the couple and their family to a great extent. But, the good news is that if properly investigated and treated, for the majority of couples, it is possible to conceive without too much difficulty.

The important factor is to undergo appropriate tests and treatment at an appropriate time to be successful. Undue or unintended delay leads to various difficulties including the need for complicated and expensive procedures with a suboptimal result.

-Nowadays, there are various kinds of treatment processes available for different types of fertility problems like ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, In Vitro Fertilisation, Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, etc. including fertility counseling We, at Kolkata Global IVF Clinic, are offering a comprehensive and affordable fertility treatment of global standard by an experienced team lead by Dr. Madhab Chandra Das and Dr. Kushal Kumar Kar

In keeping with recommendations by world-renowned experts in the field we have set up our clinic keeping various factors in mind like the location away from pollution provision of clean air environment both inside and outside the IVF laboratory, uninterrupted power back up and provision of a customized treatment plan under personal supervision by Dr. Madhab Chandra Das.

We offer all types of treatment pertaining to various kinds of fertility problems including.

Kolkata Global IVF Clinic tied-up with Divine Touch Medi Clinic for outreach Clinic and supportive services for the people of North East & adjoining places.


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