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Welcome to Divine Touch Medical Tourism
(An Exclusive service of Divine Touch Medi Clinic)

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Divine Touch Medi Clinic is a unique health care service provider at Agartala City, the Capital of Tripura State. Since inception it provides multy speciality services like OPD, Diagnostics and in house Pharmacy under single roof.

In the course of our journey in this line we have experienced a lot of people are going different part of the country for better treatment.

While some one plan for better treatment outside of the native state he/she need to know the treatment facilities at chosen hospital and tentative treatment cost/ treatment duration and proper appointment/booking of bed etc. They also need information regarding travel /Lodging/boarding nearby places of hospital for patient party.

To facilitate above services we opened dedicated help desk and assisting people for smooth treatment in Hospitals enrolled with us.

For emergency and serious patient lifting we are assisting for Air Lifting/Ambulance, Patient Escorting Doctor and Post treatment care facilities etc.

We are expanding our connection with Major Hospitals of the Metropolises in India.

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